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Proud to serve Talihina

The Hootie Creek Guest House sets on First Street in the old historic town of Talihina, Oklahoma. One of the original streets first established to accommodate the railroad in the late 1800's.


On this site, the first Commercial Hotel was constructed in 1906. The Commercial Hotel was a key landmark in the community; it accommodated the weary travelers coming from the trains and the surrounding areas until 1947.


December 23, 1947, on a cold and windy day, this original two-story, wood frame structure burned to the ground in a raging and uncontrollable fire. The Commercial Hotel, along with five other main businesses, succumbed to the flames.


On November 11, 1948, a new Commercial Hotel was completed on the same site - the two-story brick structure which you see here today. This hotel offered 29 rooms and 19 baths (you do the math) and a coffee shop. Later the name of the hotel was changed to Taylor’s Hotel.


In 1999, the hotel was closed due to a small fire and poor building conditions. It looked as though the old hotel had seen it's better days. Then on December 31, 2004, the old building's door was unlocked by two headstrong visionaries who saw only a beautiful old building and a dream.


After four years of renovating (mostly weekends), the 11,000 square foot, Hootie Creek House building is 85% completed. Our Guest House is open all year, offering numerous very attractive bedrooms own private and roomy baths. Also upstairs is a commons area the “Sitting Room”, with two comfortable & cozy setting areas ideal for relaxing with coffee/ tea and or a glass of wine. I encourage all our guests to hangout in the cafe during your visit, just don't break anything ! lol


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